Terms and conditions

Bernt Ranfelt ApS (Ltd.)

1. In general

These terms and conditions apply by traders’ purchases from Bernt Ranfelt ApS, VAT Number 36026588, including via www.ufocutter.dk, unless there are other written agreements .
Products bought from Bernt Ranfelt ApS, including via home page are hereinafter summarized as “products”.

2. Order confirmation

Binding purchase agreement is entered when the buyer’s order is received by Bernt Ranfelt ApS.

3. Prices and payment

All prices are listed excl.VAT and possible shipping costs, fees etc.

The prices are daily prices and Bernt Ranfelt ApS takes reservations for ongoing price changes.

Bernt Ranfelt ApS issues invoices for the sold products when those are delivered to the buyer.
Payment must be made latest 14 days after invoice date.

The products remain the property of Bernt Ranfelt ApS until the entire purchase price  and any interest and costs are paid in full.

4. Delivery

Delivery conditions are Ex Works at Bernt Ranfelt ApS’ business address or storage. Shipping  can be agreed separately at the buyer’s expense and risk.

Shipping usually occurs within 7 working days.

If a product has been discontinued or is out of stock, can Bernt Ranfelt ApS. not be held responsible for delays and any costs incurred due to delays. Should there be a longer delivery time, will this be stated to the buyer as soon as Bernt Ranfelt ApS. is aware of this.

If the delay in delivery is due to delay or supply difficulties from Bernt Ranfelt ApS.’  subcontractors, force majeure or other accidental events,  which Bernt Ranfelt ApS does not bear risk of, delivery time will be extended by the number of days the delivery obstacle has been present.

In case of delay which can be attributed to Bernt Ranfelt ApS. and which exceeds 15  work days, the buyer is entitled  to give  Bernt Ranfelt ApS. a written period of minimum 10 work days for delivery. In case Bernt Ranfelt ApS. fails to deliver within the buyers deadline in accordance  with the parties’ agreement, the buyer can terminate the agreement. In this case the buyer is not entitled to compensation for termination.

5.  Defects and complaints

At delivery, the buyer shall immediately ensure that the packaging is intact and unbroken. The buyer must also upon receipt of the products check whether the products are free from defects.

If the buyer wants to plead significant deficiencies , the buyer shall after the defect is or should have been discovered immediately and before the products are taken into use, provide Bernt Ranfelt ApS.  with a written notification.

Bernt Ranfelt ApS.’ defects liability does not include spare parts after the products are taken into use such as such as the cutting parts of the products.

Bernt Ranfelt ApS. has the right  to remedy or is entitled to arrange for replacement of the products.
The buyer is not entitled to terminate the deal as long as Bernt Ranfelt ApS . is trying to remedy or finding replacement.

Bernt Ranfelt ApS. provides a 1 year warranty on their products.

6. Right of cancellation

Bernt Ranfelt ApS does not receive products returned.  There is no right of cancellation provided for commercial purchase buying products from Bernt Ranfelt ApS.’  homepage.

7. Limitation of liability

A claim for compensation to Bernt Ranfelt ApS. can not exceed the invoice amount for the products sold.

Bernt Ranfelt ApS. is not liable for loss of operation or profits, including any direct or indirect loss which might occur caused by delay or defects in the products or force majeure.

8. Product liability

Bernt Ranfelt ApS.can only be imposed on with a product liability, where applicable mandatory legislation including product liability laws that dictate this.

The buyer is to the greatest extent possible required to hold Bernt Ranfelt ApS. free of any claim by (skadelidte) or others regarding product liability directed towards Bernt Ranfelt ApS.

9. Personal data

In order to be able to enter into an agreement with Bernt Ranfelt AsP. on www.ufocutter.dk, Bernt Ranfelt ApS. makes a registration of the buyer’s personal data with the aim of being able to supply the products. Personal data are recorded at Bernt Ranfelt ApS. The controller is Bernt Ranfelt ApS.

When collecting personal data via Bernt Ranfelt ApS.’ website, Bernt Ranfelt ApS ensures that it is always done with release of consent so that the buyer is informed of which information is collected and for which purpose.

Information given to Bernt Ranfelt Aps will not be disclosed or sold to third parties, and Bernt Ranfelt ApS  will not collect any sensitive personal information.

10. Changes

Bernt Ranfelt ApS reserves the right to change these terms of trade without prior notice. Appropriately,the buyer will be asked to verify agreement to the new conditions.

11. Applicable law and venue

All inconsistencies which may arise between the buyer and Bernt Ranfelt ApS. will be settled in accordance with Danish law with the exception of the choice of law rules that may refer the case to other countries.

The court in Aarhus ,  Denmark, is venue.