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With the invention of the UFO Cutter (Pat. Pend.), we offer a new revolutionary tool for professionals to remove nets from Christmas trees.

A UFO Cutter un-nets Christmas trees fast and efficiently. At the same time this tool ensures that no damage is inflicted on the trees or the people doing the un-netting. Moreover the tool is easy to use – anybody can operate it.

On sales lots and in stores the Christmas trees are received wrapped in nets. The trees therefore need to be un-netted, so that the customers can see what the trees look like. Christmas time is often a busy and hectic time for the stores and Christmas tree sales lots in which a quick and easy process of un-netting the Christmas trees is preferable.

Until now cutting tools such as box cutters or the like have been used, but as we know these tools aren’t always suitable for the task, with risks of cutting oneself or causing straining of the back with the prolonged bending down to cut the nets.

With the invention of the UFO Cutter a solution has been found that has been sought for many years.

The UFO Cutter solves the task of un-netting in a safe, quick and efficient manner and at the same time it prevents damage to the Christmas tree.

With the UFO Cutter one avoids straining of the back by reducing the amount of time spent hunched over each tree and because the cutting process is done in a fluent forward movement.

Also, with the UFO Cutter the risk of cutting oneself is greatly reduced as the slots in the tool where the blades are situated are too narrow for ones fingers to accidentally get caught and thereby the common workplace injuries associated with box cutters and the like can be avoided.

The UFO Cutter has two knives. An initiator knife on the back end that can be used to make a hole in the net, and a main knife that handles the actual un-netting. In front of the main knife a specially developed feeder is situated, which ensures that the net smoothly releases from the tree. It is important to assure during the cutting process that the net is lead tightly into the slot where the main knife is situated.

Benefits of the UFO Cutter:

  1. Safety at the workplace
  2. Quick removal of nets on Christmas trees
  3. Reduces strain on the back
  4. Prevents damage to the tree

UFO Cutter, Pat. Pend.

UFO Cutter price per unit:
– Euro: Introductory price 100 Euro. Excl. VAT (normal price 115 Euro. Excl. VAT).
– Danish kroner: Introductory price 700 DKK Excl. VAT (normal price 850 DKK. Excl. VAT).

Video: Watch how fast the UFO Cutter is.