UFO Cutter

Made in Denmark – Danish design – Developed in Denmark 

Inventor Bernt Ranfelt – Patent Bernt Ranfelt ApS


The UFO Cutter is a new revolutionary tool for the removal of nets from Christmas trees. The name UFO Cutter relates to the special shape of the tool and the fact that the UFO Cutter almost flies through the net…

The UFO Cutter is for the professional segment (sales slots and stores) who see value in swift net removal without damages to persons or trees. The UFO Cutter is easy to operate for anyone.

Professionals need to remove nets from many Christmas trees for customers to see what the trees look like before they buy theirs.

Video: See how fast UFO Cutter is compared with the box knife and scissor

UFO Cutter, Patent Bernt Ranfelt ApS

Bernt Ranfelt ApS, Gunnar Clausens Vej 24 A, DK-8260 Viby J, Denmark, bernt@ranfelt.dk, Telephone +45 27 20 65 52